Weasel’s ex-girlfriend Bianca at war with Lilian Mbabazi over Mowzey Radio’s property.


Weasel’s ex-girlfriend Bianca Rusoke is bitter and has accused singer Lilian Mbabazi for conniving to steal the late Radio Mowzey’s property.

Bianca Rusoke – Weasel’s Ex girlfriend.

Bianca says having met the Goodlyfe crew way back in 2009 and shared the same house with them for four years, she is is aware of what goes on in their lives.

“I met the goodlyfe crew in 2009 and lived with them FULL time for 4 years! Our friendship continued until his death and Moses was and still is a big brother to me and everyone who knew him! Moses had a girlfriend at the time who he had been with for 2 years – Karen, the woman who carried his child, stuck by his side for 10 years through ups and downs, and as we ALL witnessed – She carried his picture and places it on his grave at the funeral. EVEN Weasel and members of Moses’ family did not get that privilege, which shows how important this woman was and still is! SHE WAS AND STILL IS MOSES WIFE! They built homes together and a whole life together! Just because that SHE and MOSES were not in the limelight, does not mean that their relationship did not exist – Moses did not want his wife and children in the public eye.”

Moses wanted peace and quiet – he was building a life for himself, Karen and his 5 children, …You must respect that!”

Radio’s mum (R) Karen (middle) and her son with the late singer during The 10 years of RAW concert last year

The angry Bianca claims that Lilian was just a side chick/ home wrecker and never lived with Mowzey for all the years but just passed by the house. goes ahead to accuse Lilian of being a home wrecker.

“I almost feel bad for you and the way you have chosen to act after Moses death. Lies and bribes are not the way to go mukwano, but that is what you have chosen. But the truth always comes out… You were a side chick! You never lived with us, you just passed by once in in a while for a short period! You had the knowledge of Moses being in a relationship but you did not care – which basically makes you a homewrecker point blank! I maximum saw you at the house 5 times! And I was there 24/7!”

“Yes you gave birth to 2 of his children which i respect, but you were not his wife Lilian! Stop trying to make people believe that! Remember who’s pictures were ALL over his room and house mukwano! Yes, Karen NOT you or anyone else!”

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Lilian with her two children

Bianca goes ahead to reveal that the late singer reached a point where he couldn’t stand Lilian and started avoiding her.

“Moses could not even stand you in the end – he personally told me a story 2 years ago about you entering his home without permission like a crazy woman – knowing his wife and child were inside sleeping. He banged the door in your face to avoid your whining and bitching about everything. And to make it clear, Moses was taking care of all his kids plus paying school fees and rent for them to prosper – but for Lilian greed just takes over. You receive a finger and you want the whole arm now!”

Bianca concludes by warning the ‘Kuma obude” singer to stay away fro Radio’s family.

“STOP STOP STOP your nonsence and immaturity and grow up for once! His legacy belongs to his children and relatives – NOT YOU!
You seem very desperate to steal everything he worked hard for – but it is understandable because he was the person who wrote ALL your songs and now you are songless… This is the image you are portraying madam! Lilian just accept your small role, let people move on with their lives – even though it is very hard to let go. But you chose to make it very difficult for ANY of Moses’s family and I find that to be very disrespectful and that’s a discrase to his name!”

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