Vuvu Kravitz accuses fashionista David Tlale, Pearl Modiadie and SABC of stealing her Concept.

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South African entertainer Vuvu Kravitz accuses fashionista David Tlale, Pearl Modiadie and South African Broadcasting Corporation(SABC) of stealing her concept.

She claims she had copyrights to her concept since 2011, had pieces of it stolen to create both Raw Silk for SABC 1 and David Tlale: The Intern for SABC 3. Vuvu says her pieces were stolen because she struggled to find funding and the relevant people to back the idea and.

Vuvu says her concept that was stolen was for her show titled as ‘Top Designer’ and had a pilot for a show in 2015.

She said, “I just want them to compensate the idea they stole. Copyright is copyright.”

The said people who have been accused by Vuvu Kravitz have come out to deny such allegations.

Fashionista David Tlale says he didn’t steal anyone’s concept for his designer show called The Intern on SABC 3. His manager Davin Phillips said, “I find it difficult for Ms Makapela to make such claims, when she has never even met Mr Tlale, or had any formal dialogue with him. Equally, Mr Tlale launched The Intern by David Tlale in 2011, which is a platform that has enjoyed great success.” 

The same goes to presenter Pearl Modiadie, Pearl responded to Vuvu Kravitz’ claims on twitter that she stole her  2011 concept for her show ‘Top Designer’ by telling her that her accusations were unacceptable.

Pearl Modiadie tweets, “I’m sorry that your show wasn’t commissioned, but your accusations are unacceptable!” 

It looks like the accused and the accuser have not reached to an agreement between them by either accepting they stole the accuser’s concept or compensate her. Vuvu, The accuser is planning to sue everyone for copy right infringement.   

See tweets below;

Pearl Modiadie and David Tlale.










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