Ykee Benda reveals why he lied to Ugandans that he would perform at the World Cup Opening.

When news broke that fast rising star Tugume Wycliff alias Ykee Benda would be performing at the World Cup opening in Russia today, Ugandans were happy that their very own would be representing.

However yesterday all hopes were shattered when news spread that he won’t be performing at the much anticipated event.

In a video, Ykee cleared the air revealing that he never in the first place said that he would be performing but they were media reports that blew everything out of proportion.

“People decided to conclude that I would be performing. The vibe was too powerful and I couldn’t refuse because I was also overwhelmed. Been doing music for only two years but recording a song with Jason Derulo!… Reporters started concluding that I will be performing at the World cup. But I never said it, It’s you people who said it. I just went with the vibe to the fantasy world. I had no choice.”

“But the world cup is starting today and i\m with you guys in Uganda. But the truth is i’m going to Russia but will be leaving on the 12th July. I will be in Russia for the finals on 15th. The bad news is i will not be performing but i will be there. I already got he tickets, fan id, ticket for the stadium, I’m just not going to entertain but don’t be surprised if Jason Derulo doesn’t perform.

“So Ugandans Ykee Benda is here till 12th July then ill be in Russia for the finals. The best I could get is to watch it but i’m not performing.” Ykee concluded.

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