Video| Bebe Cool’s ‘#Batidemu’ Video released under Un-Clear circumstances.

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Gagamel Entertainment CEO Moses Ssali commonly known as Bebe Cool’s new music video of ‘Batidemu’ is out.

Batidemu is the singer’s new dance-hall track. Video was directed by Sasha Vybz.

The unfortunate part is that the video is on a rather un-official account under the name BebeCoolUgVEVO on youtube.

Well, we all know Bebe cool’s youtube channel is Bebecool OFFICIAL with over 34,000 subscribers unlike BebeCoolUgVEVO that has only 77 subscribers as of now.

Could it be that the ‘Batidemu’ video was leaked? Or Is this Bebe cool’s account too? If it is his account how come he has not told his fans about the account yet??

But according to the post below, we would like to assume that BebeCoolUgVEVO is also Bebe cool’s account.

Enjoy the video.



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