‘Tell me if you need help with your concert’ – A pass tells Bebe Cool as he rubbishes all his songs.

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Artists Bebe Cool and A Pass are still throwing jabs at each other on social media and it has helped them stay relevant.

The ‘Amenvu’ hit maker has hit back at Bebe Cool and this time, he has not stopped at trashing his songs but also suggested to write for Bebe a free song on one condition that he is humble. According to A Pass, the person who writes Bebe’s songs deserves a severe beating for penning down childish lines.

These stars had buried the hatchet after a long time of playing cat and mouse games but they are back at it again courtesy of the social media tax.

Bebe Cool sparked off the ongoing war when he attacked A Pass for his struggle against the thread of taxes calling him names. A Pass not being a quitter, replied back calling Bebe Cool ‘fat without brains’.

The ‘Up and Whine’ hit maker also replied back calling A Pass a goat.

“If the self proclaimed biggest musician in Uganda @BebeCoolUG can call me his G.O.A.T who are you not to see that am the ‘Greatest Of All Time’,” A Pass has posted.

This was a few hours after he had posted; “Someone called me a goat ? but don’t be blind, he meant am The Greatest Of All Time ? G.O.A.T.” A Pass replied.

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