Sipapa mocks Bryan White as he buys the stolen car that was found in the latter’s compound.


The battle of who has more money is still on between city socialite Charles Olim aka Sipapa and Bryan White Foundation boss.

The police force from Katwe police station on Tuesday afternoon 17th July 2018 invaded the residence of the money bags, real names Brian Kirumira with accusations that the tycoon was in possession of a stolen car model Mercedes Benz wagon.

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Yesterday Sipapa made his way to Kabalagala police station where the car was parked and offered to buy it at price of the seller.  “I’ve come to buy that car in cash. And i’m ready to pay $260,000. i just want to park it at home like a flower. I told Bryan White things are not easy but he refused to listen.”

The owner of the car also accused Bryan White of failure to pay for the car saying he is broke. “I was demanding $160,000 and he had driven it for four months. I told him he is broke and he should leave people like Sipapa who made their money.”

Meanwhile speaking yesterday about the accusations of possesing a stolen car, Bryan revealed that he acquired the car lawfully. He said that the owner wanted to extract money from him and later sell the car to someone else yet he had already paid some money for it.

“I gave that man my money, the car he sold me a left hand and in a showroom in America it costs $74,950 but wanted to sell it to me at $260,000. Even if i’m Bryan White and I have money, there is money i wouldn’t like to waste. But all i’m asking for is, i don’t want anything from him, the way he used force to get his car, I also want my $100,000.” he said yesterday.


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