Singer Miley Cyrus and her lover Liam Hemsworth rubbish off break up rumors.

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Rumor has been going around on the internet that Singer Miley Cyrus broke up with her actor boyfriend Liam Hemsworth following Miley Cyrus’ decision to delete her Instagram to concentrate on her music career.

It was reportedly said that the couple even called off their engagement over arguments about when to start up a family together.

However, the former co-stars were quick to put those rumors to rest, the singer and actor shared a video of themselves happily dancing together in their car as a way to clear the air and also rubbish off the so called break up rumors as earlier reported.

The couple is seen dancing, Hemsworth, who loves to scare Cyrus, lets out a scream, pretending something is wrong. In response, we see Cyrus jump, before realizing Hemsworth is just messing with her.

“I’m gonna beat the…” Cyrus trails off, as Hemsworth declares to the camera that he’s “number one.”

A source reveals that Miley Cyrus,(25), and Liam Hemsworth,(28), are still together and haven’t yet made any break up decisions between them or to thinking of calling off their engagement over the said arguments that sparked off the break up rumor.

We have told that Miley Cyrus and her lover Liam Hemsworth are very much still together and have just been trying to be more private about their relationship. They have been spending a lot of their time being low-key in Nashville lately, and come home to Malibu often to spend time with family.

Watch the video below;



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