Sheebah Karungi Breaks Down As She Reveals The Worst Thing Media Has ever Done To Her On Juliana’s Reality Show.


Songstress Juliana Kanyomozi started a reality show dubbed ‘Sit Down With Yana’ where she will be hosting women of power to share their life experiences. The show features on Juliana’s YouTube channel.

In the first episode featured Female award winning star Sheebah Karungi in a question and answer session.

Sheebah talked about her journey, her highs and lows in the music industry and how she managed to make it to where she is right now.

“As a woman, it’s a man’s world. Its very dis-respective. It had to push and work hard to prove that i’m not just a woman. I can do what a man does to be where i am , I had to work way more than any man…”

Sheebah also talked about her mother and how she raised her five kids without a well paying job. “Ive watched her raise all of us she didn’t have  well paying job. I saw my mother break down after they locked us out of a house. I was so young but it broke my heart if i grown up i will leave this place and try never to see my mother in this situation again. Because i saw her kneeling down begging another man and it’s not right. Nobody cared and that’s why for me its all about her and my siblings. She didn’t have a husband but she took all that in. She’s one of the strongest women i know.”

“My biological father died who was never there at any time. I had never seen him anywhere me yet he was alive. When he died they all came out saying she doesn’t even care, she didn’t even come to bury. Then social media buried me. They don’t even know the pain that man caused my mother and to me as a child. Everything i am today is because of that man. I grew up looking at my mother and when i was 18, I found out why she had to go through everything she went through. They don’t know anything but if i sat you down and told you everythig about that man, would you still say what your saying?

Sheebah then revealed the most painful moment of her life. “They followed my mother to where she was burying that man. She didn’t even tell me he died. She told me a day after she buried him because she knows exactly where i stand.”

“She called me to tell me newspapers followed her. And she said things that are personal thinking she’s talking to clan mates. And the next thing i know my mother was being recorded and was being played on TV and every social media platform. That is the most painful thing i’ve ever seen media do to me because that’s my mother and shes 63. She doesn’t know this life that’s why i keep her away from it. The one time i brought her was my launch and now i don’t think i can bring her because they are gonna kill her.”

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