RECIPES | How to prepare Russian Borscht soup.


This classic Russian Borscht recipe is healthy, nutritious, and comforting soup for colder season.

Traditional Russian beet soup made with cabbage, beef, and many other vegetables. Beets give this borscht a beautiful color and a beautiful flavor.

Nothing beats the homemade Russian Borscht soup.

Try it today.

Here are a few tips to prepare Russian Borscht soup:

When choosing beef for soup, I usually go for stew beef. It’s inexpensive and since meat will be cooked for a long time, it will be tender.

For better stock, you can add a few bones when preparing the stock. Bone marrow provides more flavor, richness, and a lot of nutrients to the stock. (If you don’t see bones in the store, make sure to ask the butcher. They often keep bones in the back.)

To make this soup, begin by preparing simple homemade beef stock. Cook beef (and bones) in a pot of water over low heat for 2-4 hours. Flavor stock with coriander, bay leaves, and a few whole peppercorns while cooking.

Cook whole (not peeled) beets in the pot with stock over the last couple of hours. Time for cooking beets will depend on their size. Take them out and set aside once cooked through.

Strain stock and discard bones, bay leaf, coriander, and peppercorns. Keep the beef and stock, of course.

Start by sauteing veggies over medium heat before adding meat and stock.

Do not add beets until the very end.

Don’t forget sour cream and fresh dill weed for the most authentic experience.

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