Rapper T.I ordered to pay $75k to his former Restaurant employee.

T.I has been ordered to pay $75k in unpaid wages to his former Restaurant employee who worked at his Scales 925 restaurant which shut down in 2016.

He has been to pay all that amount of money in unpaid wages after his employees sued him and among them was his former Bar manager who was demanding $27,486.

According to reports, Each employee will get $8,333.33 in unpaid money totaling about $75,000k.

T.I is reportedly said to also pay $25K in attorney fees which all together add up to roughly $100K.

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr’s restaurant was closed down in October, 2016 due to landlord eviction and employees claiming not to be paid. He has been ordered to pay the said amount above in unpaid charges.

However, this is not the first time T.I is paying off all of his debts. Earlier this year, T.I and Tameka Cottle aka Tiny paid over $1 million in taxes back from 2012. He’s now being ordered by court to pay his former restaurant employees who worked at his Scales 925 restaurant after it’s closure

Read More here;Rapper T.I and Tiny pay over $1 million in back taxes from 2012. 

It looks like the Atlanta rapper is yet to cough out sums of money while paying off his debts.


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