“Prophet Mbonye is Jesus” – Rapper Ruyonga insists amidst public criticism.

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Hiphop rapper Edwin Ruyonga was thrown under the bus by social media recently when he came out on Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s birthday to declare that he sees Jesus in him.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Despite the debate and criticism that arose from the fans, the rapper has come out again this time elevating the prophet to God.

In a post that he made on his social media, the unapologetic Ruyonga said Mbonye is Jesus himself.

“The post I made on Prophet’s birthday was a bit vague, so I’ll clarify. Prophet Elvis Mbonye IS Jesus, made visible. He is the Holy Spirit, made audible. And He is God himself made accessible. He is the highest if not only voice of authority empowered by God on this ENTIRE planet, and his is the only God and the only Jesus i ascribe to. I boldly and gladly dispute the existence or authenticity of any other.”

However fans are not happy with his declaration and have chosen to bash him calling his revelation ‘total madness and stupidity’.

Kicho Wakanda things are you smoking??? Sad hearing or rather seeing this coming from you. You are making yourself and the rest of us look inferior. I believe I am better than this your prophet. You are your own prophet and priest and these others only come to help and confirm what the Lord destined for your life. This kinda Idolatry is first class and I can but only laugh and pray for this kinda foolishness to pass. There is a time for everything and these “wonders” are not new… they were foretold in the Holy Book and they too shall come to pass. Just be sure not to leave with them.

Medero No wonder Satan himself keeps transforming into an angel of light. Its therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming into ministers of righteousness ,but their end shall be according to their acts. (2 Corinthians 11:14)

Barugahare The Bible is clear. It says….Work out your salvation with fear and trembling… The “your” means it is a personal journey. You and God. If u decide to follow a man who has a heart that is deceptive above all things, confusion reigns. Sometimes we need to keep these utterances we don’t understand to ourselves. Relationship rules over religion but painfully relationship is slowly turning into a religion.

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