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“My rapist took a part of me when he raped me” a victim narrates how her pastor raped her.

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25 year-old, South African lady, Mavhungu has finally found the courage to tell the world about her rape experience and how she overcame depression.

This comes after a third-year student, Khensani Maseko of Rhodes University, who was allegedly raped by her then-boyfriend in May.2018 and took her own life at her home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A twitter user, only under the name of Mavhungu blew people into tears when she started telling her story.

Read her full story as she narrated it in her own words as shown below;

“MY RAPIST TOOK A PART OF ME WHEN HE RAPED ME One day I am going to tell a story abt my life as an orphan,raped from the age of 13 until 16,almost every night when his wife was working night shift .when i spoke out I was told he buys me food so I should shut up…” Mavhungu started off her story.

Mavhungu would love to go back to school, she has been admitted but she does not have the funding required to take her through school.

Well, if you can help, give a sister a helping hand. God bless you

Here are some of the responses that came from people to encourage and support her.


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