Miss Universe Demi Leigh confirms dating Baseball player Tim TeeBow.

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Demi Leigh Nel Peters,(23), has confirmed the rumor that has been going around the internet that she’s dating Baseball player Tim TeeBow.

The South African beauty queen who won Miss Universe crown last year is really in love with her new flame Tim TeeBow who is a celebrated sportsman. This comes after the sportsman confirmed earlier this week that he’s dating Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel Peters.

During an interview with 947’s Breakfast team, Demi Leigh revealed that she’s seeing someone special who happens to be a baseball player and a former NFL player.

She narrates a brief story of how she met with Tim TeeBow and this later sparked into a Love affair.

She met her new boyfriend after being invited to a ceremony, her and family to a certain campaign event for people with disabilities that was dubbed “Night To Shine” event. Tim TeeBow happened to have been there at event and that’s how they met.

She met TeeBow at the event, they started to talk to each other but never stopped communicating and eventually they decided to take their relationship to another level hence hooking up and they are now the new couple on the streets.

Demi Leigh says, Tim TeeBow is such a big blessing in her life, very special, she’s proud of him and that people will definitely approve of him to be with her.

Demi Leigh said “There’s somebody. Anele, I’m sure you will definitely approve of him. He’s very special and just such a big blessing in my life. He’s currently a baseball player and a former NFL player…look at all those titles I just dropped. I’m very proud.” 

“I don’t know if you know, but I have a half sister who was born with a disability and his foundation works very closely with children with disabilities. They have an event each year called ‘night to shine’ and they host them each year in churches in different countries and he invited me and my family. We started talking and we kinda haven’t stopped.” 

On Monday, July, 16, 2018, Tim told ESPN that he got someone that stole his heart and she’s avery special girl. He added that he’s glad to have her in his life.

Tim said “She is a really special girl and I am very lucky and blessed for her coming into my life.”

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Congratulations to the new couple.

We wish them all the best in their new journey.






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