Jack Pemba unveils brand new Lexus shortly after Bryan White imports monster Range Rover

The ‘Who is Who’ battle has now shifted from hiphop artists to the tycoons around town.

Days ago Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White imported a brand new Range Rover to silence those who say he always drives old cars. Bryan revealed that he had booked the car before but it took long to arrive in the country.

Seeing that his nemesis had stolen the show with his monster ride, Jack Pemba of the famous Pemba Sports Africa also unleashed a brand new 2018 Lexus Sport Plus with a personalized number plate ‘Sir Pemba’. Jack Pemba revealed that he had acquired the car at Ugx 620 million.

The battle between the two tycoons started when Pemba branded Bryan White as a boy immediately after setting foot in the country around November last year.

A few days later at a press conference in Munyonyo, Bryan White fired back at Jack Pemba, describing him as an irresponsible investor. He said that Pemba should go and help out Tanzanians, instead of pretending to be helping Ugandans who don’t really need his help.

Since then, the two parties have tried so hard to show the public who has more money than the other.

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