Gospel singer Exodus addresses drinking allegations in the media.

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Gospel singer Exodus has lashed out at reporters who claimed that he had been spotted on several occasions drowning himself in alcohol.

Despite posting a bottle of Heineken on his social media, the ‘Ganja Man’ singer has denied the allegations saying that what he did doesn’t change who he is.

“One who believes a rumour is as bad as the one that spreads it!!
Besides my life on stage as a faith based Artiste. I have a social life which we are all entitled to [Christian or not] depending on how one chooses to live theirs. I have loyal friends who’ve been there for me, stood with me and held my hand at my lowest moments. And yes went to my friends house took a picture with a bottle and posted it so what!!!? Does that change who Iam, what I do or what I believe in? I don’t think so!!”

He further cautioned tabloids to first dig up facts before putting up a story rather than posting whatever their reporters bring to them.

“So before you people decide to put up a story find out facts and not just write whatever your crappy and illiterate reporters bring to you just to make news while painting peoples careers black”. The angry Exodus concluded

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