Dorothy and Herbert Shonga gear up for their second wedding to save their marriage.


It is now clear that Dorothy Shonga has forgiven her husband Herbert.

Next year come 16th March there’s reportedly going to be another showbiz wedding as the celebrity couple Herbert and Dorothy walk down the aisle for the second time.

We know, they’re already married but the couple who have been together for many years now are renewing their wedding vows next year following Herbert’s cheating scandal with his former club PR Sheillat Mulungi.

It was shortly before their first wedding anniversary that Dorothy let the cat out of the bag concerning her husband’s infidelity in a Facebook live video after keeping it away from the public eye.

Even though they were apart, Dorothy was never spotted without her wedding ring as she always flashed it with hope that they would makeup.

It’s now in the past after Herbert traveled to Zimbabwe to reunite with his family and while at it, he apologised to his wife and promised her a second wedding to renew their vows.

The couple is now looking for the best wedding planners for their big day.

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