Aziz Magically begs for forgiveness as he asks for rehab money.

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19-year-old Mawanda Aziz alias Azizi Magically who proposed to his 85 year old Swedish cougar Mona Lisa Larson is back and this time he is asking for financial help to facilitate his rehab.

Aziz who has finally conceded and pleaded guilty of excessively abusing mind-altering drugs is currently in a psychiatric condition.His family members and friends have apologized to the public and asked for help to take him to rehab such that he can normalize and further his music career rather than living off an old woman.

Aziz and his old lover have been the center of attention and recently they appeared on national TV after Aziz had been admitted in hospital after he had fainted due to hunger. The controversial couple stated that they had no money to buy food and that they were surviving on plain water.

They cried out to the public attracting Maama Fiina’s attention who donated Ugx 2 Million to help Azizi pay off his debts and also offered to facilitate Lisa’s air ticket back to Sweden. Unfortunately they wasted the money and went ahead to get engaged announcing that they would get married on the 28th of this month.

It should be remembered that Aziz hooked up with the Swedish national after her public break up with another younger but also struggling artiste, Guvnor Ace.

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