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‘All the prisons have fields, inmates must cultivate them’ Tanzania’s president harshens conditions for prisoners.

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Tanzanian President Pombe John Magufuli has called for harsher conditions for prisoners.

Speaking during the inauguration of a new prisons chief, President Magufuli called for prisoners to be made to work for long hours and to be punished if they are lazy

“It is a shame for the country to continue to feed prisoners. All the prisons have fields, inmates must cultivate them,” he said.

“Some prison staff don’t have homes. Make the prisoners work, let them make bricks day and night. If they show laziness, kick them. You have labourers, and for free,” he added.

He further adds that conjugal visits need to be stopped

“A man is in prison, leaving his wife outside, and a prison official receives this woman and authorises the prisoner to do things he is not supposed to do during his detention. I don’t want to hear talk of that anymore,” he said.

Magufuli reiterated on the importance of reforms in the management of prisons that would eradicate vices such as drug abuse and homosexuality in jails.

His latest remarks are coming in the wake of constant accusations leveled against him by the human rights groups who have since nicknamed him as the Bulldozer for becoming authoritarian charges he has since denied


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