Having numbers and ensuring that these numbers count past the post is something the opposition in Uganda is yet to master as far as presidential elections are concerned. The opposition has raised formidable players on the political scene but none has been fruitful in a presidential election.

Bobi Wine and people power a mixture of old wine in new bottles. The amount of attention that bobi wine is getting locally and internationally far surpasses that of previous political players that have been at this stage.

Security agencies are working tirelessly to handle his growing influence and the anticipation of whether he is to form a political party, pressure group or other is over the roof. His lifestyle is discussed by journalists-clothes, bags…. News of his travels, engagements spread firster than a government program on wealth creation. His music plays literally in every home. By the time you realize that Bobi wine is an alias of Robert Kyagulanyi (Hon), you are already hooked.

The only question that remains is whether he and others are equipped enough to turn the tables on whoever the NRM fronts for presidency in 2021.

Rtd Gen. Mugisha Muntu while as FDC president tried to grow the party from the grassroots but it seems there was not enough support given to such a model. However, each time Uganda has had elections from the 1980 there has been the claims of rigging by one of the candidates.

Uganda has over 110 districts, these more than 350 constituencies and for that matter over 28,000 polling stations.

A party that has not garnered support from the grassroots can not win a popular vote. This is not a matter of people loving you, what you say and what you stand for. There must be a mechanism in which you are able to guard this popularity.

Once a party has learnt to manage grassroots support, it is able to monitor its activities across different spectrums and in turn its able to develop mechanisms of ensuring that this support, loyalty and love once guarded and protected on polling day will yield into winning an election.

The opposition is not able to field enough polling agents to man all these polling stations. So as more districts are rolled out, it gets worse for the opposition. Whether the creation of more districts is a mask for NRM to defeat the opposition or it’s a service delivery tool, the opposition should delve on reviewing the tactics and also develop strategy upon which their victory is written.

Once the opposition masters its tactics then its time to rule is on the cards. If you think outside the box then NRM through rigging elections has prepared the country for the world where people cheat you, kill your relatives, demonize you, call you names and destroy your history; this is the real world. The global premise where we want to live is far worse a land scape.

It is time to write Mugisha Muntu’s pinnacle words, “the grassroots… and protecting the vote” more seriously.

Defiance will excite you but soon defeat will stare at you in the face.

By the Priest of Kement

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